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What is smile designing?

A smile design is a dental procedure which artistically creates straighter, whiter and beautiful natural looking smiles. Smile designs can do wonders to fully restore your dental health and appearance regardless of the original state of your existing teeth.

there is several methods to design a smile the most common ones of them:

- Dental Veneers:

Porcelain veneers, also known as "dental porcelain laminates," are wafer-thin shells that bond to teeth. Most traditional veneers require that your dentist grind down sensitive tooth structure for a good fit. They are permanent, custom-shaped and require the removal of roughly 0.5 mm of the original tooth to allow space for the new veneer.

veneers can change the shape, color, and the contour of the tooth to achieve a fascinating smile makeover,

on the other hand, veneers has it's limitations when it comes to misaligned or crowded teeth, or when there is some excessive occlusion forces, which could shorten the durability of it, or cause it to ship off or even fracture, for that it is not recommended for this type of cases.

- E max & Zirconia Crowns:

Crowns are recommended to cover teeth that are damaged, broken or worn down. In some cases where your existing teeth are abnormally shaped or you are unhappy with the general appearance of them they can be recommended for a smile makeover. Crowns can be sculptured to match your existing teeth, close gaps (bridge work) or create a new smile makeover. They have a longer life span when compared to other dental treatments such as Veneers & Lumineers. This makes them not only a cheap alternative but a better investment. Dental crowns can be aesthetically fabricated to reflect “light” like natural teeth, and mimic the shape, size and color of the surrounding teeth. Your natural tooth underneath is preserved, protecting your natural tooth and gums for a longer period of time. A dental crown is a permanent fixture in your mouth and many of our patients have had the same dental crown(s) for 10-15 years.

- Teeth Whitening (bleaching):

Over the time teeth become stained for many reasons (coffee, tea, smoking) and even aging can discolor teeth. teeth whitening has the power to remove the stain that accumulated over the time, and restore the original white natural color of the teeth.

Smile Designing steps


                                 consists of visual


                                 evaluating the teeth,

                                 the gum, and the bite.


                                  you will explain your

                                 goals, what you expect

                                 as a result of this

                                 process, and discuss

                                 with the doctor all

                                 the available choices.


                                  preparing the teeth

                                  for theprosthesis, then

                                  impressions will be

                                  taken, this process will

                                  take from 1-2 hours. 


                                  starting to fabricate

                                  your new teeth, using

                                  German made Emax

                                  & Zirconium materials,

                                  this process will take

                                  from 3-5 days.


                                  placing the prosthesis

                                  on your teeth, by

                                  carefully securing

                                  them in their places, to

                                  get the new smile

                                  you're waiting for.

                                 follow up:

                                 after about 2 days you

                                 will come to us to

                                 check on your new

                                 teeth and evaluate

                                 how they fit properly,

                                 discuss satisfaction,

                                 and provide you with

                                 final tips if needed.

Am i a good candidate for smile designing?

if you are not satisfied with the current appearance of your teeth, and you are looking to change it, you can consult us by sending photos of your teeth and x-rays for evaluation.

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